Roots in Education. Heart in Community.

From teacher to photographer – and back.

I'm at my best when I'm sharing knowledge I've learned over the years. I'm happiest when I'm hanging out with fellow photographers from our community. My guides, editorials, and workshops aim not only to educate, but to build community.

Chelsey really had me reevaluate my ENTIRE client experience so I could pinpoint where I could improve. The last 6 weddings I’ve booked have all been world of mouth referrals from previous clients because they had such a great experience with me!  I’m so grateful for her!”

“I love the way Chelsey teaches!”

Bethany, Past STudent

“Chelsey literally changed everything for me!”

Catie, Past Student

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Caitlin, past student

Alexandra, Past Student

Chelsey leads clients through the entire photographic process in order to get them comfortable in front of the camera. Always focused on her clients’ needs, she works seamlessly to bring a natural yet crafted approach to wedding photography.


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