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From a mediocre portfolio to head-turning artwork. 

I know that you're envious of everyone else's work. The imposter syndrome is REAL. You don't think you can be as good as the person you admire.


You've been doing this for a while. But your work feels stale to you. Lifeless. You've been doing the same thing for too long and you need another set of eyes. 

I know how that goes...

I've Been there!

These are just a few...

There are so many reasons why elevating your portfolio seems so hard.

While that popular local photographer just got featured in Style Me Pretty...

My current weddings aren't good enough


My clients don't value my work

I can't make magic with nothing good to shoot

I will never book "those weddings"

I'm just not that good

I don't know any wedding planners...

^ You, probably

To be proud of and love your portfolio?

How Would it feel

While booking fantastic couples who you love to photograph?

A 1:1 Intensive that will turn your work into art.

The Perfect Portfolio


What would it mean to your business if you could not only fill your calendar with amazing clients, but fill it with weddings you can't wait to shoot?

What if you could be proud of your artwork and be able to finally raise your prices to a sustainable level? 

The Portfolio Review Bundle is created from need that ALL photographers have. Including ME! I am too close to my work and I need other creatives to help me see things differently. 

I've been using these same methods in my mentoring sessions and photographer education, helping hundreds of photographers do the same.

You've got passion. You've got Talent. Now Let's show it off.

And now it's your turn.

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Practical education for every photographer

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Roots in Education
Heart in My Community

My business started with a camera and a dream – just like yours. But it wasn't until I took a step back to see what the outside world thought of my work – and started considering more than just my opinion – that my business really started to flourish.

And now i have the opportunity to help you along the way!

In my heart I know that no matter how successful my wedding photography is, I wouldn't be truly happy without the ability to hand down everything I've learned to those who need it as badly as I did. Educating inside my community of photographers is a huge part of my "why", and it's one of my favorite things to do.

“I’m so grateful for Chelsey!”

Alexandra, Past STudent

“Chelsey literally changed everything for me!”

Catie, Past Student

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Caitlin, past student

Courtney, Portfolio Review Student

Kind words from past students

I absolutely loved working with Chelsey on my portfolio review. She provided kind and encouraging constructive criticism that was easy to understand.

I walked away with an easy to implement plan to up-level our portfolio. I loved the images that she carefully selected from each of my galleries and highly recommend investing to have a fresh set of artistic eyes view your work! 

This bundle will walk you through EXACTLY how to take the weddings and work you currently have and turn them into magic. 

I'll also give insider secrets to what makes images high-end and what makes them look budget. The goal is to always be elevating ourselves, our work, our business and our profit. Our portfolio is a direct connector and I aim to help photographers be proud of what they're producing. 

I need this!

1:1 Real Time Feedback

Personalized for you

Including Offerings:

Website Audit

A comprehensive recorded video of us auditing the imagery on your website and in your public portfolio with action steps on where and how to improve.

Instagram Audit

A comprehensive recorded video of me auditing your instagram and providing actionable feedback and changes. 

Full Portfolio Review

A recorded video of me combing through two full wedding or portrait galleries will be provided alongside notes and actionable steps. 

Instagram Curation

I'll curate your last 60 instagram posts to create a cohesive feed that showcases work that speaks to your ideal client. 

Website Imagery Selection

After being provided with 10 galleries, I'll select imagery for your website and instagram that will elevate your work. 

Action Plan

I will create a custom action plan for your business and enhancing your portfolio moving forward with specific goals. 

Plus so much more!


As if the value wasn't enough in the actual bundle, I've made sure to include plenty of amazing bonus features, programs and resources to help you jump into action! All because I REALLY want to see you succeed!

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A comprehensive guide...

On exactly what to do AND what not to do when posting your imagery. I also break down specific examples of how to make a budget wedding look high-end. 

Five Ways to Elevate Your Brand

A great brand is a necessity when trying to elevate your portfolio too. I'll give you five quick tips on how to take your brand to the next level.

Free Month of Tailwind

Tailwind is my biggest secret to social media success – claim your free month and crack the code of posting every day!

Bonus list:

Yup! That's hundreds of dollars in extra value – just in bonuses...

for free!

Not just good.

Get the tools to be great...

Part of my "why" is giving back to the photography community in any way I can. When I was starting out, I simply didn't have the money to invest in education like this. So now I'm giving you everything I've got. It's time to invest in your future. 

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The Perfect Portfolio Bundle


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After all, taking pretty decent photos is all you really need to add some longevity and legitimacy to your photo business. But it's time for MORE than that.

It's time to end imposter syndrome caused by the lack of creative critique and the growth that you need. It's time to stop wondering why everyone else is having success. It's time to finally stop doubting yourself. It's time to be proud of your work, raise your prices and get published. 

But I've made it this far – is a portfolio review really necessary?

Sure, you could continue scraping by...

It's time to elevate your business and your work.

I've never grown more in my own career than the times I've invested in strategic portfolio reviews. Every single time I've learned something that has completely elevated my artwork. 

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If you aren't happy with my services, just let me know! I'm more than happy to hop on a call and discuss where I went wrong and offer a refund. That's how confident I am in my service!

If you aren't happy, I'm not happy.

The Chelsey Barhorst Business impact guarantee